Sofia Evangelina is a budding pop singer- songwriter from Canada. With an abundance of confidence, astonishing natural talent and a ‘powerhouse’ voice, Sofia exceeds all expectations of such a young artist.

From the very early days, Sofia was a natural born performer full of boundless energy. Putting on her mom’s mascara and lipstick and cutting her scarves to create her own funky “designs”, she would spend hours performing in front of a mirror and later, entertaining random audiences.

“I have fallen for music since day one,” Sofia explained. “I can just remember hearing and seeing music everywhere as if it followed me. No matter where I went, I felt rhythm and a beat”. I told my mother it paralyzed me – for the silly lack of better words at age 5.

From the melodic Castle on the Cloud (Les Misérables ) to emerging Hanna Montana, Sofia started to sing to everything music and her first singing teacher made a notice of her “distinctively jazzy voice”.

Sofia’s interest in the performing arts expanded to Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Cats, Jesus Christ Superstar and of course, The Phantom of The Opera.  She was so awestruck by the elongated vocals that she memorized each piece and her mom was compelled to hop a plane and take her to see the live performance in Las Vegas.

The Phantom of the Opera may have stirred her musical curiosity, but it was the larger-than-life sound and imagery of Burlesque that stole her heart forever and she has been belting out soulful tunes ever since.

Sofia, affectionately named  Mini Christina by many, was inspired by Aguilera’s bold vocals as much as she was her commanding stage presence. Drawing inspiration from the vocal stylings of Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Lisa Fischer, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone and others, Sofia was on the way to carve her own place in the world

In an art centered school in Calgary, she won an award entitled ‘the closest to the core of arts’ and enthralled the audience into repeat standing ovations.

She won several National talent competition awards ever since, such as Canada’s National “Overall Talent Awards”  at Talent INC 2014, Canada TeenFest, The Mics and many others and has appeared at various festivals.

Now the aspiring pop princess is on course to releasing her magical debut album produced by Bryant Olender of COM Studio, Vancouver BC, who worked with Michael Bublė. Interweaving elements of R&B, soul, gospel and pop, her forthcoming releases are a collection of covers and originals showcasing her vocal ranges and newly found passion for song writing.

As a young teen and a world class athlete traveling the globe, Sofia has a first-hand, deep understanding of the issues and the trends pertaining to youth culture. Through her music Sofia hopes to inspire her fellow peers and encourage them to embrace their individuality, develop self-esteem , stand up for what is right and embrace their inner beauty. Working painstakingly on her vocals and mastering her craft with prominent Canadian songwriters, she is on an upward trajectory to becoming the voice of her generation.


Photography by Luciana Nocks and Angelus Chouinard